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Quality assurance FSSC 22000

Amanda’s production processes operate under stringent hygiene and quality assurance plans and guidelines, which include FSSC 22000. These guidelines are strictly observed and documented. We update the quality system yearly, and employees are trained on a regular basis.

The traceability of the product is guaranteed for a 100%. Our quality check starts in the warehouse of the supplier, where we take test samples from the offered lots. A third party laboratory is ordered to investigate the lot for aflatoxin, and to perform additional tests. Only when the results are in complete agreement to the EU regulations, the lot is approved. On demand, these results are forwarded to the customer.
Once the goods are delivered at our warehouse, the goods are checked again.
Consumers focus more and more on product safety is . As processors of a commodity it is our assignment to offer the customer a healthy and safe product. Our production plant has been extended with equipment to sort out foreign materials like metal, or imperfect or discoloured products.